Direct Drive

24/7 Express Freight

This is our fastest service that is available anytime to businesses looking to ship time critical freight. In this service, our driver will pick up the delivery at the scheduled time and deliver directly to its destination. Non-stop! If you are a business looking to ship Less than truckload (LTL) freight across Ontario ASAP, we’ve got you covered,24/7. We will provide you with full van load service, which is sufficient to ship three pallets of freight with a total weight of 3000LB.

4 reasons you will love Direct Drive for your business:

Available anytime

Whether you need us for late night, early morning or rush hours, our drivers are always ready to roll!

Smartest way to ship
Less than truckload (LTL)

Expediting LTL freight in a sprinter van is faster and more cost effective than traditional LTL transportation. This is due to a lower cost of operation for a sprinter van as compared to a 5 ton or semi truck. Direct drive in our sprinter vans can offer quick deliveries and cut down your shipping cost. Smart, right?

Boost your customer

When you choose this service, not only you ship faster and cost effectively, but you also improve your customer experience. Your customer will prefer to give you business than your competitor because you offer delivery within a few hours, while the competitors offer standard shipping.

High Value Freight

If you are shipping freight that is high value and cannot be damaged or get lost at any cost, then consider our direct drive service where our driver will pick up and deliver directly, reducing the risk of the shipment being damaged/lost during layover or transfers. Plus, your freight is insured with us for up to $100k, while in transit.

Imagine this

You're a manufacturer based in Tillsonburg. You've just produced a crucial component that an automotive assembly line in Cambridge desperately needs. Without it, the whole line could shut down by tomorrow afternoon, costing thousands of dollars every hour and potentially delaying a new car model launch.

You could go the traditional LTL route, but the chances are high that the component might not make it in time. Enter "Direct Drive". After giving us a call, one of our sprinter vans is at your factory in no time. Your team, having an overhead garage door and forklift, swiftly loads the component onto the van, and our driver immediately heads to Cambridge.

While the assembly line staff are biting their nails, watching the clock tick, our van rolls in ahead of schedule. The component is quickly offloaded and integrated into the assembly line, and the potential crisis is averted.

Thanks to "Direct Drive", production proceeds without a hitch, the new car model is on track, and you become the hero who delivered just in the nick of time.

Is Direct Drive Right for Your Business?

Your LTL Freight is Urgent

If your shipment needs to be at its destination ASAP, consider using Direct Drive.

Freight Size & Weight

If you are expediting LTL freight with less than 3 pallets via larger truck, then it makes sense to maximize sprinter van capabilities and use Direct Drive to reduce shipping cost.

Equipment Ready

Shipping via sprinter van requires a forklift to load and unload freight. This means that it is crucial to have access to an overhead garage door so that the forklift can load and unload the vehicle. If you and your consignee are equipped with these facilities, you’re golden!

Ontario is Your Playground

Whether you are shipping freight from Cambridge to Etobicoke, Kitchener to Cambridge or Barrie to Kitchener, if it’s within Ontario, Direct Drive can deliver it.

If All of the above sounds like the way your business operates, then, yes, “ Direct Drive” is absolutely the perfect fit for your business needs. And even if you are still not convinced about the value Direct Drive can provide for your business, give us a shout, we would love to learn about your business and help you determine if Direct Drive would be the best solution for your shipping needs.

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